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Software Development

ITN is one of America's leading service provider and software development support company, specializing in high quality custom development, application improvement and system performance, tailored to your exact requirements. Connect, develop, and retain the right talent for your business needs! ITN goal is to, improve employee engagement and business outcomes by attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent. Our comprehensive service-based solutions that help to simplify talent management, technology improvement and quality business development & process. So our ITN professionals can proactively act, easily measure solutions, and clearly communicate talent results to your business outcomes with our ITN Solutions.

100% local team of highly professional designers, developer’s producers and project managers. Proven many year track records of excellence and success for our clients. Bug free warranty. Complete transparency regarding the work we do. Reliable, long term support and development after go live.

  • Where is the Requirements Specification?
  • Where is the Impact Analysis Document?
  • Where is the Design Document?
  • Have you documented all the assumptions, limitations properly?
  • Have you done review of all the documents?
  • Did you get sign off on all the documents from all the stakeholders?

Once you have positive answers for all the above questions, you are safe and ready to proceed for the coding. Many organizations would have strict rules to be followed, but many would not have. But best practice is to complete all the required documentation and take appropriate approvals before proceeding for the software coding.

There are many source code version control software freely available like (SCCS, CVS, Subversion, etc.) which you can use to store different versions of the software. But while using a source code control system, follow the following rules:

  • Always take source code from the version controlling system.
  • Assign a new version to every change.
  • Always put source code back into controlling system.
  • Love, affection, friendship and relationship are on top of everything, but never embrace anybody asking for password.
  • If you are sticking to first point, then why you would share your password with anyone if you are not asking for from anybody.
  • Keep changing it on a frequent basis and it's good if you have some logic to drive your passwords, otherwise during your long vacation, you will forget them.