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Mobile Website

According to survey conducted by Ericson, In the year 2011 nearly 50% of internet access was done by handheld devices, thus proving the dominance of smart phones. You can customize a sub domain dedicated for mobile apps website, which by and large offers the same information as your original website, but with added functionality to suit mobile platforms application.

A mobile device (also known as a handheld computer or simply handheld) is a small, handheld computing device,typically having a display screen with touch input and/or a miniature keyboard and weighing less than 2 pounds. Most handheld devices can also be equipped with Wi-Fi,bluetooth, and GPS capabilities that can allow connections to the Internet and other Bluetooth-capable devices, such as an automobile or a microphone headset. A camera or media player feature for video or music files can also be typically found on these devices along with a stable battery power source such as a lithium battery.

Though Internet access "on the go" provides advantages to many, such as the ability to communicate by email with others and obtain information anywhere, the web, accessed from mobile devices, has many limits, which may vary, depending on the device. However, newer Smartphones overcome some of these restrictions. Some problems which may be encountered include:The inability of mobile web applications to access the local capabilities on the mobile device can limit their ability to provide the same features as native applications.

Standards improve the interoperability, usability, and accessibility of mobile web usage.

The Mobile Web Initiative (MWI) was set up by the W3C to develop the best practices and technologies relevant to the mobile Web. The goal of the initiative is to make browsing the Web from mobile devices more reliable and accessible. The main aim is to evolve standards of data formats from Internet providers that are tailored to the specifications of particular mobile devices. The W3C has published guidelines for mobile content, and is addressing the problem of device diversity by establishing a technology to support a repository of device descriptions.