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Mail Solution

Whether business facing a specific security threat or an enterprise enhancing your comprehensive security deployment, eSafe's content security solutions and services for web and mail gateways ensure your network edge is safe from external and internal security threats and breaches.

eSafe content security provides the most comprehensive solution for real-time, intelligent inspection of all incoming and outgoing web and mail traffic in the content security market. Offering the performance and scalability needed for your organization to stay flexible and productive, eSafe deeply inspects all content, including legitimate sites, encrypted traffic, and web-enabled applications – and does it with the wire-speed performance required for total transparency.

E-solution offers robust and flexible delivery options with multiple deployment modes. With a built-in active cluster for high availability and load balancing that supports bridge and router deployment modes, eSafe ensures redundancy and Internet service availability at no extra cost.


Several eSafe appliances can be installed inline and together, serving as a network bridge. In case one appliance fails, its bypass NIC will fail to open and other devices in the cluster will automatically re-synchronize to inspect the traffic instead of the failing one.


Several eSafe appliances can be installed together in parallel to work as a cluster, with one eSafe appliance serving as a master router, redirecting the traffic to other appliances for inspection. In case one appliance in the cluster fails, the master router will stop redirecting traffic to it. If the master router fails, the next eSafe appliance will automatically assume its role.

  • Out-of-the box high-availability/load-balancing cluster
  • Supports both bridge and router deployment modes